Dedication to Lux Series (JLA)

*Note: JLA= Jennifer L. Armentrout LUX SERIES BY JLA Most of this is just Daemon being an arrogant douche and Katy defending her sass queen title. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM. DEDICATION TO ALL THE CHARACTERS OF LUX SERIES; ALL THE LUXEN, ORIGINS, HUMANS, HYBRIDS, NICE ARUMS, INSANE ARUMS, INSANE LUXEN, DOD AGENTS, DAELEOUS SCIENTISTS … Continue reading Dedication to Lux Series (JLA)


Relentless by Karen Lynch

So I read both Relentless and Refuge BEFORE making this account so understand that this review is to both books. This is literally, the best book in the entire fictional world of reading. Sentence after sentence after sentence give me so many feels it's INSANE!! I love it so much! I want to know how … Continue reading Relentless by Karen Lynch